GA BlueEdit

High-performance engineering tool for GA Blueline systems and components

This engineering tool provides a development and test environment for TÜV-certified SIL3 safety and control systems. Beside textual programming a graphic editor (based on IEC 61131-3 standard) facilitates easy handling. GA BlueEdit features an online diagnostic mode, temporal correlation analysis and a simulation mode.

The application software is executed on the control hardware. All of the system’s hardware signals can be forced for loop-checks and functional validation of the application software. In addition, signal diagnostics such as cable damage, short-circuiting and read-back values of the output signals are displayed. GA BlueEdit also allows full access to all internal system diagnostics as well as the entire system configuration.

GA BlueEdit Features

  • Programming system for SIL3 safety functions, TÜV-certified
  • Program editor with textual and graphic programming, cross-translatable in both directions
  • Integrated hardware diagnostics with signal monitoring for cable damage and short-circuiting, even for digital signals
  • Forcing of all input and output signals
  • Automatically generated cross-references for program documentation


  • Integration of vibration monitoring as freely programmable, flexible machine protection functions
  • Logic analysis for monitoring, recording and graphic evaluation of analogue and digital signal profiles
  • Online diagnostics on the control system
  • Simulation of logic on the programming device (PC)
  • Selection of “running” or “maintenance” operating mode via hardware key-lock switch


  • secured hardware access with three hierarchy levels:
    • 1. Diagnostics
    • 2. Communication modification
    • 3. Program modification
  • protected communication with CRC checksums
  • downloaded programs are verified by uploading and comparison with the original program


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